I took me some time to start with fourth PokerSavvy challenge but I did and I’m done with it. Great requirements, just $125 to rake to get 1000 Savvy points ($100) plus $12 cash (Ladbrokes starting level rakeback is 10%) for 89.6% rakeback. My plan is to keep playing on Ladbrokes until the end of October so I wasn’t aiming to get perfect deposit bonus but if I did my rakeback would be $151 or 120% if you like it in percentages.

To be honest I completely lost a track of my bankroll and I’m lazy to calculate it right now as it’s spread around several sites but it should be $510 or something very close after withdrawal of $157.11 several days ago.

  • Starting bankroll: approx $490
  • Cash game: +$66.08
  • Tournaments: $0.00
  • Total from poker: +$66.08
  • Bonuses/Rewards/Rakeback: $112
  • Rake: $125
  • Total profit: +$178.08
  • Cashout: $157.11
  • Total bankroll: approx $510


PokerSavvy Poker Kickback Bonuses Rakeback Deals

Once again I ran like AIDS on higher limits than NL10. NL20 was total cooler-fest so I’m negative there, again. But whoa, normal poker is so much better for my own taste than Zoom (or other nit fast variants). Most of my time I was 8 tabling NL10 or some combination with five NL10 + three NL20 tables etc. It took me eight days to complete this challenge but I wasn’t playing high volume at all, just 22.65 hours total.

Here’s graph and totals:Betfair PokerSavvy Rakeback

  • Starting bankroll: $351.15
  • Cash game: +$75.84
  • Tournaments: $0.00
  • Total from poker: +$75.84
  • Bonuses/Rewards/Rakeback: $112
  • Rake: $70.27
  • Total profit: +$187.84
  • Total bankroll: $538.99

PokerSavvy is AWESOME! Betfair requirements to get 800 ($80) SavvyPoints award are insane in most positive way! 250 Betfair Poker Points ($69.44 rake). With no other bonuses you’re even then nicely above 100% rakeback. I was rewarded with $80 from PokerSavvy + $30 Deposit Bonus and I bought $2 in Betfair Store for total of $112 or effective rakeback for Betfair: 159.38%! After all, I’m happy with my hourly too. $8.29/hour is not bad even though my sample is low.

This challenge is done but I’ll keep playing on Betfair at least until I’m done with full amount of deposit bonus – $50 ($20 more to clear). One other “post-deposit bonus” option is to keep playing until I get 4000 Betfair Poker Points because of this:

LEVEL 1: Earn 250 Total Betfair Poker Points and get +800 SavvyPoints!
LEVEL 2: Earn 1000 Total Betfair Poker Points and get +400 SavvyPoints!
LEVEL 3: Earn 2000 Total Betfair Poker Points and get +400 SavvyPoints!
LEVEL 4: Earn 3000 Total Betfair Poker Points and get +400 SavvyPoints!
LEVEL 5: Earn 4000 Total Betfair Poker Points and get +400 SavvyPoints!

I’m done, obviously, with Level 1 but final decision is coming soon, after I crunch some numbers.

About next, fourth challenge… It will start very soon, most likely again with Ongame network and bwin as my destination. Requirements: 400 Poker Points ($111.11 rake) to get 800 SavvyPoints ($80) or 72% rakeback just with that, not counting deposit bonus etc. It will be, most likely, well over 100%. There’s $500 deposit bonus no matter of deposit amount but I’m not sure about requirements to clear it beyond 4000 ($1111.11 rake) Poker Points. Hopefully it will be released in chunks of $50 or so. I mean, $1111.11 in 60 days is $22.22 to rake per day if I play 50 days with 10 days off poker so it’s definitely doable. That would be $500 Deposit Bonus + $80 from PokerSavvy + $55 from bwin’s b’inside market (I’ll probably buy cash directly instead of new bonuses) = $635 (57.1% rakeback). Fair number.

I need to do at least two more challenges because there’s very nice additional bonus from PokerSavvy, coupon worth 500 SavvyPoints ($50) for every five completed rooms. $50 extra on top of all other bonuses and rewards!

PokerSavvy Poker Kickback Bonuses Rakeback Deals

Started my third challenge, of course through PokerSavvy on Betfair (Ongame network). I need to get 250 Ongame Player Points ($69.44 in paid rake) to earn 800 ($800) SavvyPoints plus like $30 from deposit bonus to give me sweet 158.41% rakeback. Essence will screw me, no doubt about that but I’ll update standings very soon.

I was done fairly quickly with my PokerSavvy Kickback Bonus Challenge #2 because that PartyPoker deal is awesome. Unfortunately, due to my decision to play Fast Forward poker (basically same thing as Zoom Poker, Rush Poker, Speed Poker etc.), there’s no PokerTracker graph to show this time.

As I said, PartyPoker deal through PokerSavvy is awesome with requirements to collect 100 Party points ($50 in paid rake). Reward is 700 SavvyPoints ($70). I paid $51.42 in rake and with additional $10 from Deposit Bonus (80 Party Points = $10 chunk) my effective rakeback was total of $80 or 155.58%!

Time for bad news… I suck so bad in these speed variants of poker. True, I’m running horrible but I’m also not playing good. I was down -$88.02 from actual poker after only 7-8 hours of total gameplay at NL4 and NL10.

Challenge recap

  • Starting bankroll: $359.17
  • Cash game: -$95.58
  • Tournaments: +$7.56
  • Total from poker: -$88.02
  • Bonuses/Rewards/Rakeback: $80
  • Rake: $51.42
  • Total profit: -$8.02
  • Total bankroll: $351.15

It’s an update of this post after I cashed out my bankroll yesterday. I was done fairly quickly with my plan to earn 500 VPPs on PokerStars to fulfill minimum requirements for PokerSavvy Kickback Bonus worth 700 Savvy Points ($70). But I fell in love with amazing PokerStars’ software and decided to play a bit more and finish my $150 deposit bonus. But of course, when that job was done I deposited additional $200 more to trigger another $200 of deposit bonus. My game was bad all way long so I failed in plan to be at least breakeven. Below you can see July’s graph and total graph for my time on PokerStars right under. I wasn’t that thrilled to play in August so my volume was low and there’s no reason to hang that graph too.


I was saved by all the bonuses and rewards, to be precise, $290 came from Deposit Bonus, $100 from Stellar Rewards, I bought $75+$10 Reward Bonuses in VIP Store plus $70 from PokerSavvy Kickback Bonus for total of $545 or 58.76% effective rakeback.

Full recap for Kickback Bonus Challenge #1

  • Starting bankroll: $150
  • Cash game: -$348.04
  • Tournaments: +$12.21
  • Total from poker: -$335.83
  • Bonuses/Rewards/Rakeback: $545
  • Rake: $927.40
  • Total profit: +$209.17
  • Total bankroll: $359.17

Next plan is to analyze my game and to figure out what the hell went wrong before I start PokerSavvy Kickback Bonus Challenge #2.

Though I’m done with my PokerStars Kickback Bonus Challenge nearly 25 days ago I’m still clearing deposit bonus. $80 more to get (1360 VPP) and I’m finally moving away from PokerStars. When I cashout I will write full report about winnings + bonuses + kickback bonus and so on.

Best session so far

July 11, 2012

After THE worst day filled with three sessions yesterday for total of 6,025 hands and being down roundly -$100, today was 180° different. Few HU SNGs and just one short cash session for total of +$101.

PokerTracker3 GraphI’m also done with my PokerSavvy kickback bonus and just finished $150 deposit bonus with last couple of hands. Plan is to deposit $145 more for second deposit bonus and to get 5,026 VPP total to boost overall rakeback slightly above 62% with Stellar jump of $50 between 4,000 and 5,000 VPP. More info soon, when I receive my withdraw from another poker room.

My goal is to build solid bankroll with help of kickback bonuses from PokerSavvy so I’ll start my challenge #1. First room to clear is PokerStars with bonus requirements of 500 VIP Points (VPPs) to earn. After I’m done with these 500 VPP I’ll get reward of 700 SavvyPoints. Basically, 100 SavvyPoints is $10 so this is $70.

PokerSavvy Plan:

  • Rake $90.91 to earn 500 VPP (Raked $1 = 5.5 VPP)
  • Earn 700 SavvyPoints
  • Buy $45 (450 SavvyPoints) with $25 (250 SavvyPoints) left

PokerStars Plan:

  • Deposit $150 as starting bankroll
  • Clear $150 deposit bonus (Req’s: 2550 VPP aka $463.63 raked)
  • Earn $30 in Stellar Rewards

Combined summary:

  • $150 Deposit Bonus is 32.35% rakeback
  • $70 from 700 SavvyPoints (15.1% rb)
  • $35 ($25 + $10) VIP Reward Bonus (Total price: 3250 FPP) (7.55% rb)
  • $30 from Stellar Rewards (6.47% rb)

Total: $285 (61.47% rakeback)

If I manage to be breakeven or better my bankroll will rise to at least $435 and I’m ready for challenge #2. Let’s go!


July 4, 2012

Q: What’s this blog about?
A: It’s my personal rambling space about random stuff but mostly online poker.

Q: Online poker? What’s up with that and this blog?
A: I’ll keep track of my progress clearing through PokerSavvy.com kickback bonuses and making some $.

Q: What about other content, non-poker related?
A: Sure. I’ll post a lot of other stuff though not sure about any ratio between poker:other. 1:5 is possible just like 10:1 or whatever.

Q: WTF is slahwooi?
A: It’s a bird, obviously.