Took a little break due to private stuff and started to play again after October 15. Got some warm welcome with losing 6 buy-ins in less than 700 hands. Great start…


I took me some time to start with fourth PokerSavvy challenge but I did and I’m done with it. Great requirements, just $125 to rake to get 1000 Savvy points ($100) plus $12 cash (Ladbrokes starting level rakeback is 10%) for 89.6% rakeback. My plan is to keep playing on Ladbrokes until the end of October so I wasn’t aiming to get perfect deposit bonus but if I did my rakeback would be $151 or 120% if you like it in percentages.

To be honest I completely lost a track of my bankroll and I’m lazy to calculate it right now as it’s spread around several sites but it should be $510 or something very close after withdrawal of $157.11 several days ago.

  • Starting bankroll: approx $490
  • Cash game: +$66.08
  • Tournaments: $0.00
  • Total from poker: +$66.08
  • Bonuses/Rewards/Rakeback: $112
  • Rake: $125
  • Total profit: +$178.08
  • Cashout: $157.11
  • Total bankroll: approx $510


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September recap

October 10, 2012

Yes, yes, I know it’s kinda late but I was busy these days…

Volume wise it was one of my TOP 5 months ever. I ran horrendously bad at NL20 where I dropped around 30 buy-ins total. Ran kinda better at NL10 but very bad at NL4 so my overall results without graph as I messed it up after switching my hands from PT3 to PT4 and back to PT3: -$142.84 after rakeback/bonuses/races. I’m down a lot from actual game but it’s going ok during this month, hopefully I won’t jinx myself now 🙂